1. Introduction

Welcome to TurnerGames ("we", "our", "us"). The following is our general guidelines for using our services. By continue to use our services you agree to abide by these rules and our policies and terms of services.

2. General Guidelines for All Services

Regardless of which services you are using the following must be enforced:

  • Respect Others: Treat everyone with respect and courtesy.
  • No Hate Speech: Hate speech in any form is strictly forbidden.
  • Privacy Respect: Do not share personal information without consent.
  • Report Violations: Report any rule violations to any of our staff members.
  • Consequences: Violations can result in temporary or permanent bans.

2. Forum Rules

Basic guidelines for our forums:

  • Relevant Topics: Post threads and comments in the appropriate sections.
  • No Trolling: Do not post inflammatory or off-topic messages with the intent of provoking others.
  • Constructive Criticism: Be respectful and constructive when providing feedback.
  • No Spamming: Avoid spamming the forum with repetitive or irrelevant messages.

3. In-Game Rules

Basic guidelines for any of our online, multiplayer games:

  • Fair Play: No cheating, exploiting bugs, or using unauthorized software to gain an unfair advantage.
  • Roleplaying Etiquette: Respect the roleplaying environment and other players' experiences. Do not disrupt roleplay sessions or events intentionally.
  • Player vs. Player (PvP): Follow specific rules set for PvP combat. No griefing or repeatedly targeting the same player.
  • Character Naming: Choose appropriate character names. Offensive or inappropriate names will be changed or removed.
  • Language Use: Casual swearing is allowed, but offensive language or cursing directed at others is prohibited.

4. Contact Us

If you have any questions about the policies in these guidelines, please contact us by using our contact form.