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Server Outage

Sorry for the downtime. We will be back up as soon as possible. We have a cable outage causing the server to be offline and we should have it back up running within a day or two. On brighter news, the update is nearing completion.

Edit: We are now back online.

Gaurdia Server Move

The RTG server move is now complete.
The server is now on dedicated connection 9x faster than the previous one.

There may be issues connecting the first day or two due to DNS propogation.
Gaurdia: Tactics should also be up in the morning.

We will see you all in-game ;)

Gaurdia Gaming News

Hey guys, be sure to check out the GG forums.
We are looking for your input on upcoming updates.

Also, there is some news for everyone to check out.
Look forward to it, and see you in-game!

RTG Version 3.997

Here we go guys, this catches us up, and then some!
Unless we need a fix-it update, 4.0 is next!

What to expect? Legendary new quest system, for one!
Dynamic items!
New areas, monsters, and quests!
All new equipment, with new abilities!

and oh so much more.