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  • Dragonstone Update V0.3pb

    Dragonstone Update V0.3pb

    Dragonstone has been updated. This is just a small update compared to the "big" one coming.

    Chat Function Changes
    • Guild Chat Color
    • Your Name Stylized
    • NPC/Server Chatter
    Mobs Added
    • Vulture
    • Decayed Vulture
    • Cursed Fairy Larva
    • Fire Fairy Larva
    • Fire Fairy
    • Ghastly Defender
    • Rhetheris
    • Summoned Golem
    • Summoned Wolf
    • Summoned Fairy
    NPCs Added
    • Bret
    • Jackson
    • Gunther
    • Travaris
    • Bart
    • Ricky
    • Allen
    • Alvin
    • Nick
    • Mackenzie
    • Daisy
    • Lucinda
    • Hailey
    • Mary
    • Jane
    • Selena
    Items Added
    • Training Spellbook
    • Ice Conjurer Spellbook
    • Fire Conjurer Spellbook
    • Water Conjurer Spellbook
    • Rock Conjurer Spellbook
    • Grimoire
    • Holy Bible
    • Book of Shadows
    • Aetherial Calling
    • Hellfire Ammunition
    • Betsy
    • Cursed Cap
    • Cursed Robe
    • Cursed Boots
    • Cursed Gloves
    • Cursed Fan
    • Runic Cap
    • Runic Robe
    • Runic Boots
    • Runic Gloves
    • Runic Fan
    • Highlands Boots
    • Highlands Cap
    • Highlands Vest
    • Highlands Gloves
    • Harmony
    • Vengeance
    • Sympathy
    • Retribution Shield
    • Retribution Helm
    • Retribution Armor
    • Retribution Boots
    • Retribution Gauntlets
    • Affinity Shield
    • Affinity Helm
    • Affinity Armor
    • Affinity Boots
    • Affinity Gauntlets
    • Hermetic Shield
    • Hermetic Helm
    • Hermetic Armor
    • Hermetic Boots
    • Hermetic Gauntlets
    • 30M Experience Scroll
    • 30M Lucky Scroll
    • Warp Scroll
    • Naming Scroll
    • Wolf Fang
    • Cyclops Meat
    • Pearl Necklace
    • John's Ninja Dagger
    • John's Ninja Robe
    • John's Ninja Mask
    • Ice Palace Key
    • Fire Palace Key
    • Earth Palace Key
    • Boss Chest
    • Genie Lamp
    • Highlands Elixer
    • Highlands Mushroom
    • Airship
    • Boat
    • Warrior Respite
    • Hunter Respite
    • Summoner Respite*
    • Santa Hat
    • Invincilbe Mask
    • Avatar Heads
    *For Admin Testing
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  • Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving

    We want to wish to all of you who celebrate Thanksgiving a safe and loving holiday.
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  • Rebanding: Heroes of First Star

    Rebanding: Heroes of First Star

    With the recent changes to the game we decided it would be a fitting time to exit out of the generic title for the game. Say hello to Dragonstone. You can expect to see the dedication and support from the administration and more cool features.
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  • Respect for France

    Respect for France

    As many of you know about the recent events happening in France, with that I wanted to share my thoughts.

    I feel for the family members who have lost loved ones and wish those injured a safer journey and recovery. I can't offer much more than the words in my heart and mind to those victims.

    With these recent attacks it just reminds me how unsafe our world has become. While we are a small community, I just want each of you all know that it doesn't matter where you live or what religion you are(n't), you are always welcomed in our community with respect.

    Feel free to join in with me in showing respect for those who have lost loved ones....
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  • Heroes of First Star - Upcoming Update

    Heroes of First Star - Upcoming Update

    Been working hard on the next update.

    Some things to look forward to:
    • The bank vault being complete! I originally started working on this early in this project and finally came around to finalizing it.
    • Naming Scrolls. You’ll be able to rename your hirelings. (Nothing questionable, we will delete your hireling.)
    • Experience Scroll and Lucky Scroll. These will give you the same bonus that VIP’s currently have. You can stack it with VIP bonuses, but not to the same degree. I’ll release more information on this soon.
    • VIP Scroll. Temporarily gives you all the benefits that VIP subscriber gets.
    • Warp Scroll. Just like VIP’s teleport window, if you meet the requirements you can port to nearly any location you want.
    • *Rebirth Scroll. Incorrectly spent a stat point on a hireling? No need to worry. You could obtain a rebirth scroll to re-spend all point’s you have earned
    • Tents. There’s two kinds, a regular and a deluxe. Both do the same, but the Deluxe doesn’t deplete from your inventory. Tent’s will be like your own portable home. You’ll be able to rest up your hirelings and store some items. No need to have to run to the INN’s to heal up.
    • A few more spells, monsters, npc’s, quest items, avatar items, hireling gear and more!
    *Rebirth scroll’s could change how they work based on the system you guys decide to have in place. There’s a poll on the forums for stat ups. If you haven’t voted be sure to cast your vote now!

    Originally posted on October 14th by Murdoc
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  • TurnerGames Launcher

    TurnerGames Launcher

    With the changes we’re making to the database structure of our games, we have elected to build a multi-game launcher.

    This new launcher will allow you to login with the same account you use on our forums.
    You will be able to download any current and future games that TurnerGames builds.
    You will be able to manage your account, see which games you have characters on.
    You can add friend and private message them (even outside of games).
    You could submit tickets and have easier access to support.

    If you currently don’t have a forum account with us, you will need to register. Please use the same name you use for one of our games. This will make the transition much smoother.

    If you have questions or concerns on about this, please voice them on the forums.

    TurnerGames Staff

    Originally posted on September 18th by Murdoc
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