System Failure

The Server Machine hosting the majority of our networks servers and some affiliates servers is currently down. The current processor overheated and failed.

We are doing our best to replace the processor but unfortunately it is hard to find one that will keep up with what we need to do. Our other option is to replace the motherboard and processor with newer models so that we wont have to worry about it keeping up.

Nina’s Promotion

Nina, has been promoted to Moderator in our network.

Please give her your gratitude. As a moderator she will assist in the daily administration of the forum and some other projects provided by TurnerGames and/or it’s affiliates.

Server Outage

Sorry for the downtime. We will be back up as soon as possible. We have a cable outage causing the server to be offline and we should have it back up running within a day or two. On brighter news, the update is nearing completion.

Edit: We are now back online.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

We at TurnerGames wish everyone a safe and “Happy New Year”. If you have any new years resolutions, feel free to share them with us.