Community Forums?

I know some of you are wondering where the Community Forums disappeared to. I have told some of you that these forums was relocated. To better help those seeking those forums I decided to post on TurnerGames.

TurnerGames doesn’t want to assume the role of ownership for the community. For awhile we provided a place because the unFun Games Sites kept going offline or kept changing. But we have our own goals and didn’t want to confuse those who keep coming for support/complaints for games we have no control about, or to support software we no longer really deal with. While I do try and help as much as I can, it distracts me from what I really want to do.

If some of you didn’t know, Adobe Director (Macromedia Director) support has been dropped by Adobe. No longer will it be updated or even for sale. With this, they have also discontinued Shockwave Support on Mac. Check here for Adobe’s announcement. Not to mention most of the community working on First Star Online related games didn’t purchase Director. Which is the program used to edit/compile the client side code. We don’t condone piracy without our network. We didn’t even include the license key needed for more than 50 users to join the server on the downloads we hosted. With the dying support for Adobe’s software we really suggest people start venturing out and finding out software to work on.

You may have noticed the old link to the community forums gives you some details but to express on that, here is what I posted on the new site.

As posted in the topic “Where can I find the old posts?” on the new site.

You can view the old forums located here. No posts was deleted since the relocation, however it is changed to read only and all added features are removed. The old forum will not be deleted for some time.

I do offer my apologies for any inconvenience this is/was. I do hope you enjoy the new setup better, and this will stay as the final permanent location for the community.

The purpose of this website at this domain is to offer a bigger playing ground for the entire community to use, instead of being restricted under TurnerGames’ setup. With the domains for unFun Games currently under hostage, I registered this domain for the community.

I have also removed the downloads for the packages from this site. They are however uploaded to the new site.