Month: November 2018

First Star Online Survey Results

I have decided to share the results of the survey. Not all questions was answered fully by everyone.

FSO Survey Chart Results

General answers for favorite feature(s) ranged for things that wasn’t really a feature to some detailed information. Some people enjoyed the guild system in the latter series, others enjoyed the amount of skills you could grind to max. Some people was in it for the quests, and the hunt for loot, or for the amount of customization you could do to your characters. I love that someone mentioned about the creativity that some servers owners put into their games through the maps or sprite enhancements.

Feature(s) people disliked about the series went in a similar fashion with some noting being a feature to some detailed content. People seemed to hate the drop rates, or they think the administration on some servers was corrupt (Not going to throw names.), or that Administration itself was lacking. No end game in FSOS was listed a few times. Some people complained about the number of skills you had to do in some versions. Some people hated on official servers that restricted broadcasts. Some people hated how some skills in various versions became pointless after mastering and how it was also leveling by randomness. Someone complained about deaths, or the bulkiness of the graphical interface.

Feature(s) people think was missing was also in a similar fashion as the above. Main thing it seemed like people wanted was more content, or low item counts and hated where higher level players all looked the same. Someone suggested having a party system would be nice, or revamping the mapping/npc systems. Someone wanted a hotbar.

I am not looking for any more survey posts, and I like to thank those who took the time you complete the survey. I wish there was more input but I’ll accept what I have received.

Looking for a pixel artist

We are looking for someone to join our team as a spriter/pixel artist for some of our projects. If you are interested please reach out to us either by contacting us on our Discord or on any of our Social Media accounts.

Please understand this isn’t a paid position.